Map of the EU
map of the EU

Map of the EU facts

Map of the EU
Map of the EU

Map of the EU – facts of Europe

Map of the EU is mainly the map of Europe. The total area of Europe is 10,180,00 square kilometer and the population is 746,419,440 so the population density is only 72.9 person per square kilometer. Total GDP is $30.37 trillion and GDP nominal is $23.05 trillion and GDP per capita is $31,020. The HDI is 0.845 that is really so nice and mentioned in the map of the EU. The main religions in EU is Christianity that is 75.2% and 18.2% people don’t follow any religion, there 5.9% are Muslims and 0.7% are from other religions.

There are 50 countries in Europe and 6 of them are with limited recognition. There are so many languages in Europe and they are mentioned in the European map. They are Russian, French, German, Italian, English, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian.

In the map of Europe countries the time zones mentioned are from -1 to UTC +5. There are so many cities in EU. Some of the main cities are Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Saint Petersburg, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Berlin and so on.

Europe is situated mainly at the Northern Hemisphere and mainly in Eastern Hemisphere. It extends at the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. The northern part of Europe is extends up to the Arctic Ocean at the north and Atlantic Ocean at the west. If you see the southern part of the map of Europe you will see the Mediterranean Sea and to the east the largest continent Asia is located. Europe and Asia is mainly separated by Ural Mountain in the Russian part and to the south by Caspian Sea and Caucasus and Black Sea.

Map of Europe labelled shows that Europe has 2% of the earth surface and by land it is 6.8%. Europe is the second smallest continent. The largest country of the earth by population is Russia and it has 39% of the population and 15% of the population fell in European part. Europe has 11% of world population and the climate of the continent is largely affected by the warm Atlantic currents with temper winters and summers. The weather changes of winter and summer is much noticeable here.

Map of the European countries shows that the culture of Europe affected all other cultures of the world. Western civilization is mainly influenced by the ancient Greek and Roman civilization. EU countries are mainly affected by the fall of the Western Roman Empire and Middle Ages, Renaissance, exploration, art, birth of science, and modern era. The European powerful countries had the colonies all over the world. They mainly controlled all the other continents mainly Australia, America and major part of Africa and some powerful countries of Asia. In all of those countries they still have severe influence. All the topics are mentioned in the countries in the EU map.

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