Map of the EU
Map of the EU and COVID-19

Map of the EU and COVID-19

Map of the EU – when will EU open external border for COVID-19

Map of the EU painting during the COVID-19 time. It was mainly for the Map of the EU and which European country took what precautions.

European Union map will help you if you want to visit EU during this Corona pandemic situation. Lots of EU countries imposed travel restrictions for the spread of COVID-19. The UK included 15 countries and areas with its quarantine free travel list. Another important topic should be added with the map of the EU is that the EU Digital COVID Certificate is allowed all over Europe.

In the map of the EU Delta variant should be included which have been found in different countries in European Union and also other countries in the globe. It is now a major issue in the UK now and France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal has imposed stricter restriction for this Delta variant which in originated in India.

Map of the EU includes all member states of the EU. Albania is shown in the map of the EU and it has advised its citizens to avoid less essential travel to any COVID infected places. They are imposing curfews and limiting the social gatherings. Beside this this European country has open all of its land borders. Who are entering from Greece and North Macedonia should stay for quarantine in this country for at least two weeks. If anyone wants to enter in Albania he should have the PCR test and within 72 hours the result should be negative.

Andorra is shown to another map of the EU and you can enter in this country from Spain or France. Check the travel restriction before you are thinking to entering this country. They are so alert and not allowing anyone entering in this country freely. It is restricted and tourism is on hold. They are also trying to impose ban on sport and skiing and cultural and leisure festivals. If any one wants to stay here for more than 3 nights that person should have a negative PCR test. They are thinking to have 60% of their people vaccinated within the end of June this year.

Austria is another important country in the map of the EU and it is more aware of COVID-19. It is more relaxed for Corona and has allowed the hotels, restaurants and other places for its summer tourism. But it is thinking more about Delta variant and imposed restriction of people from India, South Africa, UK and Brazil. But it is allowing people with a negative Corona test or he is vaccinated should be proved. It is now opening the restaurant and hotels, clubs and for any events anyone can join from 1 July without mask if he or she is given the corona vaccine.

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