Map of the EU contact

Map of the EU is related with European Union search engine art. Map of the EU were for the countries that joined at the union. The UK at last left European Union (EU) and it was after 4 years of its ‘Brexit’ vote. It also took British territory called Gibraltar with it. We have given a map that describes which countries will join in the European group and which one not joining.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and some more other European Countries are in the EU? Which countries are left that aren’t in the European Union and aren’t even applying for membership? There are actually quite a few. Some might hope to apply further in the future, while others have decided not to apply at all.

About the EU countries are Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. The Republic of Cyprus holds EU membership on behalf of both northern and southern Cyprus, though the north is controlled by the unrecognized breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where EU law is considered to be “suspended” until the dispute can be resolved.

Two British military bases on Cyprus’s southern coast, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, are considered territories of the UK and are not part of the EU. Incidentally, it’s arguable whether the island of Cyprus is even located in Europe to begin with, but it was allowed in on the basis of its shared cultural history (78% of the population is ethnically Greek).

If you want to contact about the art project you can mail to Gretchen Andrew. The artist is actually a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist.