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map of the EU, Map of the EU and COVID-19

Map of the EU – when will EU opens external borders

Map of the EU and COVID-19 painting by Gretchen Andrew

“Map of the EU” – When will EU open external border after the COVID-19 pandemic

Map of the EU and COVID-19 is showing that Corona in Europe went to its highest position during the March of this year. It forced the European Commission for recommending the member states of the EU to shut down all EU ports for entering in non-EU or Schengen citizens.

After that the map of the EU indicates that one by one all EU member states and Schengen Associated countries started to close their border. Not only this some of they also resisted undertaking the measure at the starting.

At the starting they re-established the border control and it was under the law of Schengen Agreement. Later they closed the border for non-residents but they allowed the people of EU who had serious reason to visit EU. It is actually some of the medical and official reasons.

The number of infection was increasing from April and from May it was going down and the EU was thinking the reopening the borders and the removal of borders controls. At the time the EU Commission decided from 15 June of the same year about the closure of the external Schengen Area borders and the time will be extended the third country citizen may come inside or go to other countries to open their borders.

For map of the EU later around all the countries reopened that they would open their borders only for the travelers who will come from Schengen Area and also from non-Schengen states. Here the main condition was they should have lower infection rate. Some of the countries imposed quarantine or may have negative COVID-19 test results. But at the same time some others may permit the people to enter their territory without any restrictions.

Now you will get the complete list of opened countries for the people who wants to travel them. Here we have tried to mention the information chronologically.

On 7 July 2021

COVID-19 situation in the EU highlighted in the map of the EU shows that Germany removed the UK, India, Portugal, Russia and Nepal from its traveler list as these countries has more variant areas and risky for the citizens of Germany. They grouped them as high incidence areas. Beside this they also made a rule that whom they permitted to visit their country before will now shorten their visit and after 5 days of their visit they will have to prove COVID-19 negative in the test.

The map of the EU show that from now on the people related with vaccinating work in the Economic European Area (EEA) and the epidemiological safe other countries will visit Norway without entering quarantine at the end of July.

COVID-19 situation of EU On 7 July 2021

The map shows that Norway lifted its ban against the travel of EU countries Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland and the UK. Beside this Norway also no longer advise against travel to travel some other countries like Israel, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Lebanon, Northern Macedonia, South Korea, Serbia, Taiwan, Singapore and the USA.