map of the EU, Map of the EU and COVID-19

Map of the EU and EU COVID-19 Situation 2021

Map of the EU – Corona situation in the European Union

Map of the EU

The map shows that the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has updated the maps of common restrictions of free movement in the European Union. It included the four Schengen Associates countries, and the UK who left the EU. It is mentioned in it’s first published them last week, on October 15.

The EU maps for COVID-19 are only one of the measures on which the Council has agreed on in order to preserve the right of European citizens. This map move and reside freely within the EU, which is not only an important driver of the block’s economy and it also is one of the achievements its citizens cherish most.

It is said “A well-coordinated, predictable and transparent approach to the adoption of restrictions on freedom of movement is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, safeguard the health of citizens as well as maintain free movement within the Union, under safe conditions,”  the European Commission has pointed out proposing the new common travel restrictions.

The newly published European maps show that the situation in the EU. It is about the Coronavirus infections has worsened, and the numbers spiked up in several parts of Europe last week. The map also shows that even some territories where previously the situation was not very risky, it has worsened.

How do Common EU Maps Work?

The four common EU maps, on which the Council agreed on October 13, are published here. It shows every Thursday and show the following for each Member State:

  • Two-weeks notification rate, it also shows testing rate and test positivity
  • Two-weeks case notification rate which is actually per every 100,000 residents
  • Testing rates are shown per every 100,000 residents
  • Positivity rates is not done well here.

The maps are coloured and they are through a common code which the EU Commission has proposed to open the external border of the EU. It is on which the Council has agreed, as follows:

  • Green color – the 14-day notification rate is below 25. It also shows the test positivity rate below 4 per cent
  • Orange color  – the 14-day notification rate is actually lower than 50. The map here shows the test positivity rate is 4 per cent or more, or the 14-day notification rate is between 25 and 150. Not only that the map shows that the test positivity rate is lower than 4 per cent
  • Red color – the 14-day notification rate of this map is 50 or higher & the test positivity rate in the EU map is 4 per cent or higher. Beside this it shows the 14-day notification rate is above 150
  • Grey color – the testing rate of this map is lower than 300, or the map here shows there is insufficient information